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About Us

A team of experts able to listen before speaking.

AMEURASIA consists of a team of professionals with extensive experience gained in Marketing, Corporate Communications and Industrial Design.

We are interested in companies that want to compete in new markets with professionalism, stability and expertise, creating, enhancing or transforming their marketing, their image and style of communication. Our experience and our knowledge give us the ability to provide a capital of opportunities and skills to achieve the objectives that the firms by themselves, would not be able to achieve.

Our vocation is to become your partner, working alongside with your internal resources, facilitating the integration and the teamwork, with one goal: the success of your project.

We do it with the scruple of those who can listen to the reasons and to the men who do business.

As it is only starting from your reasons that we can help you build means and winning strategies.

What we offer

A new idea of Consulting, based on tangible and sharable solutions.

AMEURASIA offers professional and operating support through the integration of Marketing and Communication functions and Industrial Design, too. We create a system able to support the commercial success of the product and of the company.

This is a consultancy that offers real solutions, through the contribution of a Project Team highly professional, capable of producing projects, establishing plans, creating products and their image, motivating people, and help sales.

We have skills that allow us to produce both basic communication activities and "complementary & supplementary" activities to different areas of the business system, such as: sales, new product development, industrial design, training.

How we work

Together for a common goal: the quality of your project.

Our goal is to create a system for the enterprise that integrates consultancy, planning, creativity and services.

We have developed streamlined and well-tested procedures whose presupposition is the direct involvement on the management of the company and their internal resources.

This allows you to maintain a high efficiency in operations and a constant monitoring of the work development: both on the creative level and on the planning and also economic level.

Each project is managed by a project team, coordinated by our customers Manager, whose job is to keep both a constantly open interface with the client and a direct supervision on the budget, in order to ensure certain costs and the best cost-quality ratio.

In relation to the characteristics of each project, we are able to provide our professional contribution either by emergency focused measures, or developing annual consulting plans, based on assets which necessarily involve medium-long terms of realization.

Our Services

Support to follow you in every moment of the growth of your projects

Our partners

Grafiche Deste

Grafiche Deste

Graphics, prepress and retouching.
Offset printing on large format.
Digital printing on small and large format.
Software Snc

Software Snc

Information Technology
Assicredit & Finance Srl

Assicredit & Finance Srl

Credit insurance for Italy and abroad - Credit recovery Italy and abroad
H4ID - Hub for Interior Design

H4ID - Hub for Interior Design

Retail Design & Project Management
Mimmo Basile Photography

Mimmo Basile Photography

Eiseco Srl

Eiseco Srl


Our team

Emiliano Costantino - Founder and CEO

Emiliano Costantino

Founder and CEO
Angelo Costantino - Co-Founder, Engineer, CTO and Web Developer

Angelo Costantino

Co-Founder, Engineer, CTO and Web Developer
Natalia Mironova - OOO Ameurasia Russia CEO and Supervisor for Russia and CIS

Natalia Mironova

OOO Ameurasia Russia CEO and Supervisor for Russia and CIS
Anna Savostina - Collaborator Russia

Anna Savostina

Collaborator Russia
Marilena Favale - Supervisor GCC Gulf Area

Marilena Favale

Supervisor GCC Gulf Area
Riccardo Corinna - Psychology of Personality and Relations, Education, Empowerment

Riccardo Corinna

Psychology of Personality and Relations, Education, Empowerment
Natalja Bogacenkova - Collaborator UK

Natalja Bogacenkova

Collaborator UK
Philippe Domange - Collaborator France and Belgium

Philippe Domange

Collaborator France and Belgium
Leyla Ebadi - Collaborator Iran

Leyla Ebadi

Collaborator Iran
Mirela Grigoruda - Collaborator Romania

Mirela Grigoruda

Collaborator Romania
Andrea Corozan - Collaborator Austria

Andrea Corozan

Collaborator Austria
Dalia Bluziene - Collaborator Baltics

Dalia Bluziene

Collaborator Baltics
Gaya Kempara - Collaborator Poland

Gaya Kempara

Collaborator Poland
Ivana Kralovikova - Collaborator Slovakia

Ivana Kralovikova

Collaborator Slovakia
Martina Segetova - Collaborator Czech Rep.

Martina Segetova

Collaborator Czech Rep.
Marina Bidut - Collaborator Slovenia

Marina Bidut

Collaborator Slovenia
Jane Heflin - Collaborator USA

Jane Heflin

Collaborator USA
Ellia Wang - Collaborator China

Ellia Wang

Collaborator China
Lucia Obretenova - Collaborator Bulgaria

Lucia Obretenova

Collaborator Bulgaria

Want to work with us? Email us, give us a call on +39 099 829 50 00 or Visit us.

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