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The brand and product image

The brand and product image


Ideas and solutions for the global market.


Do you have a product or a service? We place it in the world.

Company image

Ideas and strategies to be always present in the head and heart of the consumer.


The brand and product image.

Advertising and creativity

Ideas and imagination to hit the consumer's heart.

Communicate online

Do you know all the possibilities of the world wide web?

Industrial design

Innovative solutions and new technologies.


Activities and resources that make a difference.

The Brand has a specific role, to which we can give the definition of surplus value that the customer confers life to the product according to the purchasing decisions, the reputation and satisfaction leading to repurchase

We are able to create a communication and marketing system that accompanies a product or service life, from birth to distribution. We do this by activating all available resources to inform, to be known and recognized, get the customer to choose it and nothing else.
Finding the best name for the product in which the consumer can recognize himself; creating an image that distinguishes it from the competitors' ones; designing the most beautiful and recognizable packaging, with an intense and memorable advertising message; promoting, finally, the customer liking and loyalty.


  1. Naming and/or re-branding
  2. The mark and the identity of the brand
  3. Creation or packaging re-styling
  4. Promotional and loyalty activities
  5. Development of online promotion strategies
  6. Merchandising
  7. Communication in the franchise
  8. Communication and training for the sales force
  9. The role of the technical manual