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Do you have a product or a service? We place it in the world

Do you have a product or a service? We place it in the world


Ideas and solutions for the global market.


Do you have a product or a service? We place it in the world.

Company image

Ideas and strategies to be always present in the head and heart of the consumer.


The brand and product image.

Advertising and creativity

Ideas and imagination to hit the consumer's heart.

Communicate online

Do you know all the possibilities of the world wide web?

Industrial design

Innovative solutions and new technologies.


Activities and resources that make a difference.
Give me a place to stand and I will move the world.

The internationalization process is by its own nature particularly complex. Driving a company, so that it can effectively fit into a context characterized by significant economic, political, social and cultural differences compared to the local reality, it is an arduous challenge.

In a market where the role of the client prevails and where a high flexibility is required together with articulated multidisciplinary skills, working for “the project” is now the right attitude. Handling a "Project Management" means leading a process of change, which is, definitely, an intervention of internationalization, through an organizational logic that favors the planned and scientific solution of problems, using a methodological process defined by precise rules.

AMEURASIA projects and assists your company in the process of internationalization in America, Europe and Asia, as from our brand name, by means of our offices, employees, partnerships and foreign correspondents.


  1. Market research
  2. Definition of the internationalization strategy
  3. Penetration of foreign markets for Italian companies
  4. Introduction and management of foreign companies in Italy
  5. Geo-marketing Analysis
  6. Agents or brokers research
  7. Sales networks Managing
  8. Research for partners in Italy and abroad
  9. Research for affiliates in Italy and abroad
  10. Start of export activities
  11. Strategy Optimization
  12. Production Relocation