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Ideas and solutions for the global market

Ideas and solutions for the global market


Ideas and solutions for the global market.


Do you have a product or a service? We place it in the world.

Company image

Ideas and strategies to be always present in the head and heart of the consumer.


The brand and product image.

Advertising and creativity

Ideas and imagination to hit the consumer's heart.

Communicate online

Do you know all the possibilities of the world wide web?

Industrial design

Innovative solutions and new technologies.


Activities and resources that make a difference.
On one hand the product, on the other the consumer.
You need a bridge between the two sides, namely: the sales promotion, the price, the distribution and the communication.
Success will depend on the strategy: i. e. on the ability to bring together the right product with the right group of consumers, with the most suitable price and the support of effective advertising and promotion campaigns.
We prefer to let the great creative freedom to flow along the "Steel Strategic binary".
Norman Berry

This is to say that companies' life depends on their Marketing plans, whether they like it or not. Furthermore, any communication activities, to be successful, cannot ignore the strategy set out as part of a marketing plan.


  1. Analysis of the company marketing orientation
  2. Conversion Plans of the company to marketing
  3. Marketing planning
  4. Brand and product Positioning
  5. Rebranding, if necessary
  6. Research and market studies
  7. Strategies of customer loyalty
  8. Neuro marketing
  9. Emotional Marketing
  10. Telemarketing and Direct Marketing